A climate change discussion with Soundart Radio

Paul Burns   April 1, 2023   Comments Off on A climate change discussion with Soundart Radio

The co-evolution of our climate with interacting systems (such as the biosphere) is a good example of a complex nonlinear system, which is a challenge to understand and predict.  Climate change prediction involves the deployment of some of the most sophisticated computer systems ever constructed, and yet they provide only our best guess.  Sources of uncertainty come from the computer models, but also from unknown future trends, such as our emissions of greenhouse gases.  Predicting the future still comes with a degree of uncertainty. This is compounded by recent climate changes being only a small part of Earth’s larger climatic changes across the ages. Confusion and uncertainty still swirl around the subject of climate change, making public engagement and outreach an invaluable facet of climate change mitigation and adaptation.  In this short 15 min discussion hosted by Alice Armstrong of Soundart Radio, questions from non-specialists are answered by scientist and IOP member Dr Paul Burns.

The discussion is part of Soundart Radio’s Everybody Counts maths radio series and will be broadcast on Monday 8th May 9am (repeated Friday 12th May 9am).  You can tune in to Soundart Radio locally on 102.5 FM or online www.soundartradio.org.uk

The discussion will be archived so it can be listened to after the broadcast, see https://m.soundcloud.com/soundart-radio/everybody-counts-climate-conversations-2?in=soundart-radio%2Fsets%2Feverybody-counts-data-and-drawing

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