Partnership with European Physical Society

We are pleased to announce an official partnership with the European Physical Society (EPS) Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division, and look forward to collaborating with them further.

Please take a look at their website, which details their aims as below:


The objective of the Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division (SNPD) is the advancement of research in statistical and nonlinear physics, the dissemination of key results in this area to the general public, and the promotion and coordination of interdisciplinary research. More specifically, the SNPD aims to form an umbrella organization for coordination of research in statistical physics, nonlinear physics, complex systems and interdisciplinary applications and

  • to promote studies and dissemination in this general research area
  • to facilitate contacts between members
  • to encourage collaboration and exchange of knowledge between different disciplines
  • to stimulate the interest of young scientists in the field of statistical physics, nonlinear physics, and complex systems
  • to organize and support conferences and workshops
  • to maintain contacts with related divisions within EPS
  • to communicate with similar organizations worldwide

Areas of research

Research areas represented by the division include (but are not restricted to)

  • nonequilibrium statistical physics .
  • complex networks
  • nonlinear dynamical system
  • chaos and turbulence
  • stochastic modelling
  • spin glasses and disordered quantum systems
  • pattern formation
  • long-range interacting systems
  • phase transitions and critical phenomena
  • interdisciplinary applications in physics, biology, economics, and social sciences