Complexity in the 21st Century – 23rd July 2019

Mark   July 10, 2019   Comments Off on Complexity in the 21st Century – 23rd July 2019

23rd July, at the Institute of Physics, London

Society is faced with stark challenges. A growing population requires secure food systems, access to clean water, and sustainable energy – how can this be achieved without conflict, environmental destruction or an AI takeover? Only recently have we become aware of the interconnectedness of global challenges. In the inaugural event of the series ‘The Complexity of 21st Century Challenges’, the IOP’s Nonlinear & Complex Physics Group will be exploring the themes of Healthcare in the age of AI, Non-equilibrium Systems and Resource Scarcity. In doing so we hope to highlight the complex scientific, economic and political layers that provide the background upon which global solutions to modern challenges can be forged.


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